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I can't sleep

So I played with Garageband's loop library today and decided to finish a poem and record it. It's my first recorded poem, hope y'all like it! (I don't have a piano so I can't really do the music myself and the ending for this piece is a bit abrupt. If anyone wants to collab I'd be happy to play ball!)

I can’t sleep 

I can’t sleep

There's no way I can sleep

My eyes itch

My throat is ticklish

My nose is invaded by little fish

I lay awake

Listen to the quiet hum

Of the AC and then some

Oh please just get me some rum

A couple shots later

All seems a lot calmer

But then I falter

For now I feel like some water

So up I get

To the kitchen I go

To fetch a glass of H2O

And I'm back to square one.

I can’t sleep

There’s no way I can sleep

So I might as well read

In these pages we shall meet

Just you and me

Your mind I’m walking through

And I have to say it’s quite a zoo

Oh but now I need the loo

I’m back and I hope you haven’t left

That would certainly leave me bereft

For now I know why I can’t sleep

For you have committed a theft

I know it’s kitsch (and I still have that itch)

But you’ve stolen my heart

I feel it in my gut

And it’s not just ‘cus of late night nibbles

Oh I can’t sleep

There’s no way I can sleep

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