The Consent Collaborative is proud to offer a 4-session workshop "Aspects of Intimacy", for actors looking to practise working with intimacy coordinators and choreographers on staging intimate scenes.

Dates: 2, 9, 16, 23 June 2022, 8 - 10.30 pm

Showcase: 24 June 2022, 8-9 pm

About this Workshop

What to do if your script calls for an intimate or sexual situation? How do you know what your partners are comfortable with, and how to communicate your own comfort levels as an actor? How can you make the space safe for yourself and scene partners while still popping in your scene?

Intimate scenes can tell very powerful stories, and actors can be empowered with tools and language to navigate this process while taking care of each other.

These scenes are frequently neglected in actor training, or simply left to the actors to navigate themselves causing anxiety and frustration with the process. This workshop is intended to give power to the actors to create great intimacy with other actors, while respecting each other's needs.

The Consent Collaborative invites actors to join us in our first workshop series focused on intimacy in performance. Aspects of Intimacy is a practice-based workshop series focused on crafting intimate scenes for performance contexts. We will unpack intimacy in performance and practise consent and best practices for crafting intimacy. This workshop will give you a foundation for good communication before, during, and after scenes and shows. Participants will be equipped with a framework and language to contribute to a positive, consent-based collaborative environment.


We will end the workshop with a showcase of short intimate scenes co-created by the participants and workshop facilitators.

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p.s. We interviewed directors and actors of a show (Brilliant Traces) for which we recently did intimacy choreography. Watch the videos to hear about their experience!

Actor Adi: https://youtu.be/62d58TQwBNs

Actor Steve: https://youtu.be/Zdnmhsi5Y1s

Director Kamil Haque: https://youtu.be/Zdnmhsi5Y1s

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