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The Show must go on


Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome! I love cabaret and burlesque and perform with a few groups from time to time.


Honey Queen's Burlesque: an all-singing, all-dancing musical theatre cabaret show celebrating the art of burlesque.

A Chaotic Cabaret with Polly A. Maury/Aloysius D. Next performing at the Projector on 22 and 23 Feb 2023.



An original musical in French, written and directed by Nathalie Ribette at Sing'Theatre in May 2022. A musical about women being literally and metaphorically imprisoned.

Until Death

An original devised play by the Haque Collective: The heartbreak of miscarriage drives a couple into a battle for the ashes.

The Brides

‘The Brides’ is a visually ravishing, provocative and hilarious evocation of ‘the feminine principle’. The performance is rooted in the visceral exploration of emotion and imagination. It emerges from an intensive research and creative process, communicating the strength, desperation and beauty of ‘femininity’.


When life imitates art: As we were rehearsing this show, real world events unfolded that were uncannily similar to our script. First live digital play by the Haque Collective.


When you get thrown curve balls like Covid-19, you get together (online) and make some merry!

The Body Series

Exploration of embodiment and solo performance: Is some(my) body home?

Nervous Laughter x Climate Change Theatre Action 2019

What climate change provokes in us: nervous laughter...

Kabaret Singapura

My first ever theatre experience in which I created a character Luci La'Luz who's always always looking for that perfect man... until she doesn't.

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