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Who am I?

read and pole

It's hard to define myself. I often straddle different worlds. I try to find happy convergences between what I want to and can do, what people need, and what creates joy.  

Current focus

Creating social impact through education as a Learning Experience Designer with Doyobi, and ErudiFi. Designing engaging learning experiences integrating complex real world issues with critical skill building for all ages. 


Sustainability, Impact and Innovation

I've studied and worked in the sustainability field for 6+ years, spanning academia, government, non-profit spaces, and even in the performance space with Climate Change Theatre Action. In 2021 when we were all stuck at home, I jumped on the podcast bandwagon and co-hosted and co-produced a podcast "Impact In Sight" interviewing founders and funders of impact startups with Irsyad Ramthan in partnership with

Theatre making and Community

I discovered theatre relatively late, but it's opened doors and windows into so many fascinating experiences. I've explored various acting techniques, auto-drama, ensemble theatre, inclusive theatre, musical theatre, and never want to stop learning and making. Since 2020, I've also been focusing some learning and practice in the area of intimacy coordination and choreography for performance contexts. Follow the Consent Collaborative on Instagram to learn more.


I've been on an embodiment journey that I can trace back to loving to move as a child, to being alienated from my body as a teenager and young adult, to finding freedom again in movement, dance and physical theatre. I believe in the power of movement to help us embody our lives more fully. As a mover, I explore lots of modalities, yoga, aerial arts, blues dancing, contemporary dance, contact improv etc.

Instructor trainings: YTT 200 (Union Yoga Ayurveda) and Aerial Hammock (Mindful Movement).

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