Generalist and proud of it

read and pole

Hi I am Lihong and I often straddle different worlds. Because I have many interests and not enough time, I try to find happy convergences between what people need, what I can and want to do, and what creates joy.  


Sustainability, Impact and Innovation

I like being in innovative spaces and circles. The energy is palpable and the sense of hope is addictive. I love learning about new ideas that are ambitious about making the world a better place. I co-host and co-produce a podcast "Impact In Sight" interviewing founders and funders of impact startups with Irsyad Ramthan of

Theatre making and Community building

Every since I did my first theatre workshop in July 2019, I have not been able to step away from the theatre. I enjoy learning and training to be a better performer, discovering what I like in this field, and being part of a dynamic, artistic and resilient community. I am particularly interested in physical and dance theatre. Currently, with Prescott Gaylord, I am also expanding my skillset into intimacy direction and coordination, which primarily aims to make the art of telling intimate stories a safer and more sustainable one. Follow the Consent Collaborative on Instagram to learn with us!

Movement, therapy, dance

I've been on a journey that I can trace back to loving to move as a child, to being alienated from my body as a teenager and young adult, to finding freedom again in movement and dance. I am continuing to explore various movement modalities, such as yoga, pilates, pole dance and silks. I enjoy partner dancing, and have been exploring blues and swing. I believe in the power of movement to help us embody our lives more fully.