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What if there's no vaccine?

Seems like every day we get a barrage of news about everything that's wrong with the world, and Covid-19 has by now faded into the background.

The world is sick. Systems are broke. We're stuck in unhealthy relationships with one another. We spend 10 calories to produce 1 calorie, millions are starving and some are dying to starve. We are afraid of the institutions we used to trust to protect us.

How did we get here?

It's been months. We keep hanging on to the hope that there's a vaccine. If there's one, everything will go back to normal. Is normal good? What if we took a good hard look at ourselves and start fixing problems without banking on a silver bullet?

What's a vaccine? A mild dose of an illness to create an immune response that will make the body stronger for the next round of infection.

What if we treated the moment we're living in right now as a vaccine for more serious catastrophes? Strengthened our connections to one another, opened our eyes to the blind spots, admitted we may be wrong? When someone hurts, we all hurt, whether or not we're aware of it.

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