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Self defence and self care

A few months ago, I explored the intersection of self defence and self care with Michal, a self defence coach who happens to be very knowledgeable about self care as well. You might be wondering what this is about.

Well, we believe self care is very much linked with self defence. You have to be able to look after yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically while going through the daily challenges of life. In a threatening situation, control over your mental state is just as important as your physical ability.

We feel that mental and emotional practices are often ignored or only lightly touched upon in modern day martial arts. Mental preparation is commonly done with elite athletes, but not with those just starting out. We're aiming to bridge the gap between physical and mental skills for beginners in self-defense.

What followed was a few months of conceptualising and workshop running - in small groups and with covid-19 appropriate precautions of course. Over the course of the 6 sessions, I mainly helped with demos and with capturing key learning content to be made into short recap videos. Click here to watch all the videos, which come with very detailed explanations from Coach Michal.

One of the videos I made

I found creating those videos to be so much fun that I'm considering offering that service (in exchange for $ or learning) to anyone looking to run workshops where capturing content strategically for creation of recap videos would be especially beneficial. For example where participants would benefit more from being fully present without having to worry about taking down notes or videos, or where you might want to offer paywalled content. Talk to me if you're interested in collaborating!

I realise that I've always had a knack for creating learning materials and have done various versions of that over the years, from creating value-added notes for JC biology, to editing French language learning resources, to tutoring and now to creating media for learning. It makes sense to continue exploring where this goes, since I don't see my interest in learning diminishing anytime in the future.

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