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New journey, old journey

Two weeks ago, I started a yoga instructor course at Union Yoga Ayurveda.

Why have I waited so damn long to go on this path?? I know why. They are non-yogi reasons. I wanted to know that I'm doing it for something, to be a teacher, and for the time and money investment to be justified. ButI'm finding that it is actually an end in itself. If I am able to spread the practice and knowledge as a result of deepening my practice (and this is beyond asanas), even better. And then again, becoming a good instructor is just a tiny aspect of this journey.

I started doing yoga on and off since I was 13, and there was always this part of me that said, nah you are not dedicated enough, you can't be a teacher. But by going on this training journey, I am deepening my practice. It was kind of a chicken and egg problem.

Old journey - why?

Because I realise that I am on an old familiar journey towards finding union, between mind and body, between my soul and the universal soul. A kind of peeling off layers of attachment that have formed since birth, obscuring my core. Asanas are but a preparation of the body and mind, yet it is what most people think yoga is.

There's such a rich body of knowledge and practice in yoga, and I'll be writing a bit here and there to try and process what I'm learning. Practise what I preach to my students - document your journey.


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