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Intimacy choreography for Brilliant Traces

Earlier this year, Prescott and I came on board the Brilliant Traces production to choreograph some scenes which involved physical intimacy between the two characters, Rosannah DeLuce and Henry Harry. Brilliant Traces was directed by Kamil Haque and produced by Method Productions and staged at the Haque Centre of Acting and Creativity in March and April 2022.

It was a great experience working with actors who already took such good care of each other, besides being phenomenal actors of course! And I always love working with Prescott.

For the first time, we captured the actors' and directors' thoughts in a series of videos. We hope it's as useful to other actors and directors thinking of working with intimacy in performance, as it was to us.

Actor Adi:

Actor Steve:


We are also running a 4-session workshop from 2-24 June, for actors and directors to practise crafting intimate scenes in a performance setting. There will be a showcase!

p.s. Marketing isn't my favourite thing to do, but this was important to us, and the hours spent producing the videos, editing and captioning, etc. were worth it. On hindsight, this was more like knowledge documentation, with marketing as a by-product.

p.p.s. It's been quite an uphill struggle to keep myself afloat, both in terms of finances and morale. Since becoming a freelancer, I've really had to question every choice I make with my time and money. I've doubled down training for skills I believe in for the long term (performance, movement, accessibility, educating), but in the short term, it is so easy to feel like it's never going to be sustainable. Perhaps I'll have to make some tough choices about jobs soon, but in the meantime, if you think the work we do with consent collaborative is meaningful, please show it in some way!

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