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Eres la luz

When they tell you as a child that you have a good imagination, they don't tell you that that's also the reason for later disappointment and heartbreak.

Heartbreak that reality doesn't live up to the depths of your fantasy worlds.

That people have less faith in the flesh than they do in your mind.

That time erodes more potently materials, human flesh and relationships held together by the strings of time-bound experience.

Sois réaliste, ils te disent.


But they also don't tell you that your imagination is also that buoy that will keep you afloat as you fight the urge to sink to the bottom of your ocean of despair.

That it's also that elusive light in the corner that never seems to grow bright enough to illuminate the entire room.

Until you say fuck it and swallow the light.

Ahora eres la luz.

la luz de tu vida. No necesitas otra luz.

So shine. Someone else will need this light.

Light is produced by electrons falling from a state of excitement.

But first they had to be excited.

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