Labs are spaces for learning, experimentation. Often they result in exciting collaborations!

The Consent Collaborative

Since early 2021, I've been learning and practising intimacy choreography/direction and coordination with Prescott Gaylord and some members of the HCAC community. This community is growing and we're excited to learn more. Follow our journey at @consent_collaborative_sg on Instagram and get updates about workshops and shows!

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sensmakrs is a digital curiosity lab focused on the practice of taking ideas from concept to concrete output. We focus on the process and celebrate the by-product!

We're working on offering some online and/or offline workshops for kids and adults to discover their creativity and create.

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Impact in Sight podcast

Combining my interest in sustainability innovation, entrepreneurship and media production, I co-host a podcast called Impact In Sight together with Irsyad Ramthan of

Impact In Sight highlights stories of founders and funders driving social and environmental impact. Interseed helps founders and talents grow their impact in the food & agriculture, clean energy, and circular economy spaces.

Self defence video series

A video series born out of a fun collaboration with Michal, a mixed martial arts practitioner and coach. We created a 6-part workshop series that explored the intersection of self defence and self care. Over 6 weeks, we learned and practised techniques for escaping safely from physical threats, de-escalating tense situations, stress management and caring for our bodies.


I discovered in myself an interest in creating educational content through making the weekly recap videos. Click here to watch and follow Michal for more tips and videos on fitness and self defence!